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What is a Personal Concierge?
A Concierge is a Personal Helper who specializes in assisting you in your personal life to do what matters most.

How can I be sure I can trust your team members?
Easy. All team members are subject to a comprehensive background check, and have a recent Police Records Check. We are all bonded and insured. But most important of all, having previous or life-long experience working and caring for seniors in the community is a must. 

Does Your Personal Concierge provide all the services yourself?
YPC does provide every service itself. However, there are at times requests we are unable to attain, so we call in the experts in their fields. We have great relationships with reputable and senior friendly service providers such as painters, movers, gardeners, handy-persons, jewellery/watch repair, and many more. These providers are all bonded and appropriately insured, have provided validated references, and are committed to providing the very best in customer service.

What methods of payments do you offer?
We accept personal cheques, cash, INTERNET e-transfers.

Do you work on a pay-as-you-go basis?
YPC has found this method works best for sure. However, everyone has different needs. Therefore, we charge for the time spent, and at the end of the service period we accept payment of cash or personal cheque.
Nevertheless, if you have the same two days booked weekly, this time is set aside just for you and most usually with the same team member. This is so you get to know each other and the member gets to know your every need and is able to help you more so.  With this weekly schedule we can invoice you on a bi-weekly or monthly basis. We can discuss which payment method works the best for you.

What hours are you available?
Our hours of operation are Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm.
After hours and weekend services are available upon request for an additional charge. We request a 24 hour notice of all services, but will accommodate you if we can. A sufficient notice of cancellation is necessary or there will be a $40 cancellation fee. 

How much do you charge for your services per hour?
Our rates vary depending on your specific needs. Most personal concierge service rates are billed at $40 per hour. Please contact us for a personalized quote. Our fees do not include expenses for groceries, gifts, merchandise, parking, fees or services from our senior-friendly referral providers,etc.

My parents needs some special help with a few things around the house, such as laundry, dusting, vacuuming, some deep cleaning, and help with changing the bed. Can you provide these services and more if my parents need it?
Absolutely! This is where our team members are trained the best. Helping around the house with whatever needs to be done.

My mom has just given up her driver's license. I can drive mom to some of her appointments, but not all of them as I work full-time. She also needs to be driven to the grocery store as well.  Would you be able to help me help my mom in this way?
Yes, we sure can. Our team members have special insurance on their vehicles that allow us to provide driving services to people who need it like your mom.

I am thinking about moving into a retirement home. It is a big job for me, and my children live far away. I would like some help going through my things, packing some up to take with me, and would like to sell, consign, donate and dispose of the rest of the items.  It is a daunting job for me, I need help. Can you help me with this?
We sure can help you. We are experts at this sort of thing. We'll do what you need us to do, and we can get the job done quickly, so you can get on with your life. We can also help line up some professional movers if you need us to. We also help organize your suite after the move so you have everything where you want it. YPC assists you in managing your personal life.

I am very independent, and do most things myself. However, I find grocery shopping tiring and would like someone to run errands for me, especially when I am feeling drained. Would you be able to help me with this?
Yes, we do grocery shopping quite well. Is all we need is 24 hours notice, a shopping list of all your favourite items and it's a deal.

Is there a primary YPC contact person?
Yes. Millie Wilson, owner of YPC is the contact person you can discuss anything with. She is familiar with your account and is always available to help you.

I have a friend who has everything, but I am noticing things are getting to be too much for her. She won't allow anyone to help her, yet I see she desperately needs help with a few things.  I would like to help her out in another way. Do you offer gift certificates?
Yes. What a lovely way of letting your friend know you're thinking of her and wanting to help her get back on track with an extra pair of helping hands.

I am finding it challenging to organize and maintain my home, run simple errands, make my appointments and get myself there, can you help?
Your Personal Concierge can do all this for you and more while bringing you warm service and a winning smile. Just give us a call.

For a Free Consultation call us at - 250.812.1677

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